Sustainable printing action plan

Most organizations have between 2 to 6 times more office printing capacities than they actually need


Sustainable Printing Action Plan

Organizations are constantly trying to launch different sustainability programs empowered by invested boardroom decisions.

Most IT leaders would agree that they are now expected—or will soon be required—to help improve their company’s sustainability efforts.

A good way to reduce an organization’s environmental impact is through printing and imaging. It’s been proven that by having a well-managed printing and imaging environment, companies will avoid revenue-eating expenses and wasting natural resources.

The average employee will print 12,500 pages annually, the equivalent of cutting a tree down, and will consume $1000 in toner. But with regards to office printing, it’s obvious that using recycled paper and toner only constitutes a start towards full sustainability.

Infolaser offers a green assessment program, a 7-step approach that helps companies develop a plan to reduce the environmental impact of their printing and imaging activities while saving money and increasing productivity. Now isn’t that a greener way to think about printing?