Sustainable hardware procurement

Less than 3% of all printed documents are in 11x17 format


Sustainable Hardware Procurement

Most organizations grapple with end-of-lease decisions once every three to five years and they often follow the same replacement procurement process from contract to contract.

New devices may offer more power and more features below previous cost. As a result, organizations acquire ever-increasing amounts of power without really understanding the environmental cost associated with their decisions. Here is food for thought:

  • Less than 4% of the overall output is 11” x 17”. Yet the majority of copiers sold have 11" x 17" capacity.
  • Double-sided printing can reduce paper consumption up to 40%.
  • Office equipment accounts for 26 percent of electricity used in office buildings.
  • Copiers use 10 times more electricity than MFPs.
  • Consolidating on fewer, more power-efficient devices could save companies up to 40% in energy costs.

As an independent expert, Infolaser can help you define strategies to reduce the eco-footprint of your print environment.

Our goals are to minimize environmental damage by promoting environmentally friendly equipment with long-lasting parts and reduced operating waste and to extend equipment life expectancy to reduce unnecessary e-waste from entering our environment. We aim at extending equipment’s life up to 7 years and even longer.

Infolaser's primary technology partner, HP, has developed a guide for sustainable IT procurement.

You can access it here