Managed print services

30% average percentage of savings after implementing an MPS program

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Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services is a concept embraced by companies all across the globe. Today, more than one-third of hardcopy device procurement is taking place through MPS agreements.

Multifunction printers (MFPs), copiers, printers and fax machines are vitally important to most organizations. But managing these devices can be complicated, time-consuming and costly. Furthermore, executives often suspect that their overall printing cost is probably too high, but the actual financial impact of printing is frequently underestimated – sometimes by a wide margin. Getting a handle on printing & imaging costs and identifying opportunities for potential savings is the primary focus of managed print services (MPS).

At Infolaser, we’re experts in managing printing and imaging fleets.

With our tailored solutions, we’re helping businesses focus on what matters most: their business.

  • Gain control of your printing environment
  • Reducing costs
  • Free up your IT department
  • Achieve environmental sustainability


“For every $1 you spend printing a page, you spend another $9 managing the process”

Infolaser offers tailored solutions to help corporations across the country manage their existing printer, multifunction and copier fleet. There are different types of fleet management solutions, the most basic of which is our Harmony solution, which manages supplies and device maintenance on a cost-per-copy basis. The next level up involves proactively managing your printing environment, as well as gaining visibility and control by integrating fleet management solutions.

Infolaser can help you reduce the time you spend managing your fleet by recommending and integrating the best industry practices for your business.

Harmony Solution

Over the years, Infolaser has developed a unique expertise in MPS and we are now managing thousands of printing devices across Canada with our Harmony solution.

This global solution is based on a predetermined, fixed-cost-per-copy fee that includes:

  • on-site support for all printers and multifunction devices
  • Automatic supplies inventory replenishment
  • a pro-active preventive maintenance program
  • ongoing user training

What’s more, Infolaser has developed its own online management system, known to be the best in the industry. Our Harmony clients can place service calls via our portal, view their complete fleet inventory on a national or local basis, access their printing equipment inventory and review the history of all the interventions on their printing equipment.


“Most organizations have between 2 to 6 times more office printing capacities than they actually need.” IDC

Optimizing is about making the most of existing investments and guiding the purchase of new devices while achieving the savings and efficiencies associated with right-sizing the fleet of equipment.

Infolaser always recommends a balanced approach to equipment deployment, which takes into account the needs of users, departments and satellite locations. Balanced deployment is a combination of workgroup and department devices that balance the proximity needs of users with cost savings for high-volume print jobs.

  • Achieve a more cost-effective user-to-device ratio
  • Move printing volume to the most cost-effective device
  • Reduce your company’s printing fleet
  • Standardize hardware : Limit variability in device manufacturers, models and user interfaces
  • Evaluate the results of your actions over time.