Network printer security

Of 125 IT executives surveyed, 70% state that they have experienced one or more accidental printer based security breaches.


Companies are continuously creating confidential, valuable data that is crucial to their business.

Today, organizations are investing considerable amounts to control access to buildings and to protect data on networks, PCs and servers. However, imaging and printing devices are often overlooked and are left unprotected. Today's printers and MFPs act a whole lot like PCs since they are connected to the internet and have firmware/software that can be compromised. The security exposure and associated costs can be high and impact negatively an organization’s bottom line.

Infolaser can help you identify the risks and integrate the right solution for your organization.

  • Protect the privacy of printed documents.
  • Secure your devices with the right technology
  • Encrypt data and documents
  • Build and deploy a print security policy

Infolaser strongly recommends HP which has the most secure printing and imaging devices in the world.

For more information on HP's security solutions