Image scanners

Choosing the right technology

In line with our philosophy of preventing downtime and improving employee productivity, scanning devices recommended by Infolaser have been thoroughly tested and approved by our engineers and technicians. We favour scanners that are durable and reliable which will enable us to guarantee uptime and deliver consistent performance for the customer with minimal service intervention.

The right device for the right application

InfoLaser offers a full line of scanners specifically designed for many applications & industries. InfoLaser provides scanning devices from manufacturers such as HP & Fujitsu. The devices vary from light weight mobile scanner all the way the high volume drum scanners. InfoLaser will analyse the customers’ business requirements to ensure that the imaging devices chosen will deliver the expected performance and results.

Software Integration

Scanners are often the on-ramp to input and index paper based documents into a customer’s document management or ERP system. InfoLaser has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that the scanners recommended will integrate seamlessly with the customers operating environment and provide reliable features such as OCR, searchable .PDFs, indexing and much more.