Choosing the right technology

In line with our philosophy of preventing downtime and improving employee productivity, wide format (plotter) devices recommended by Infolaser have been thoroughly tested and approved by our engineers and technicians. We favour plotters that are durable and reliable which will enable us to guarantee uptime and deliver consistent performance for the customer with minimal service intervention.

The right device for the right application

Infolaser offers a full line of wide format printers specifically designed for many applications & industries such as architecture/GIS, engineering/CAD, graphic design, professional photography and banner/signs. InfoLaser provides consultation services to assist customers in choosing the right device for their business requirements and services to install, configure & support the chosen device(s).

HP Wide Format Printers & Scanners

Infolaser recommends and is an authorized provider of HP wide format printers & scanners. HP is recognized as the worldwide market leader in this segment, offering a full line-up of devices that can address all customer requirements. HP offer devices from 24 to 60 inches wide, with MFP & scanning features and with advanced E-Print mobility solutions.