Multifunction printers

Choosing the right technology

In line with our philosophy of preventing downtime and improving employee productivity, MFP devices recommended by Infolaser have been thoroughly tested and approved by our engineers and technicians. We favour MFP devices that are durable and reliable which will enable us to guarantee uptime and deliver consistent performance for the customer with minimal service intervention.

Infolaser highly recommends MFP devicess from HP which a proven reputation of relibility, connectivity and security. Infolaser also offers devices from Xerox, Lexmark & Kyocera.

A4 vs A3

For years, customers have been told by the copier industry that they need large A3 (11x17) format MFP’s. However, less than 3% of all documents printed are of A3 format. The tendency in the market today is shifting to A4 format MFP units that deliver the same speed & functions of the larger A3 devices, but often at half the size and cost. Companies can save between 20-30% in overall TCO by favoring a balanced deployment of A4 & A3 MFP units. Infolaser has been a vocal proponent of A4 MFP units for over 10 years.

Ability to integrate software solutions

When Infolaser recommends an MFP device, we ensure that the device has an “open technology” platform that can more easily integrate security, mobility & workflow software applications. Our software specialists & engineers thoroughly analyse the firmware to make sure that it can be easily upgraded and is open to software developers. That is why we highly recommend HP MFP devices that incorporate the OXP & Futuresmart platforms that enable the MFP devices to be customized and integrated with the customer’s environment and business requirement.


Sustainable Printing

Today’s new green software is designed to help administrators take stock of their current situation, identify where changes could be made, and then implement any changes in a way that’s good for both the environment and their business. InfoLaser can also help imaging and printing administrators see their fleet through the lens of environmental impact, allowing them to make confident decisions that will have a positive impact on their business, and the environment, for years to come.