CAA South Central Case Study – Managed Print Services

“Infolaser & HP have attained my expectations with flying colours” – Kin Lee-Yow, CIO

 CAA SCO at a glance


For more than 100 years, CAA South Central Ontario (SCO) has been an innovative leader committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of Canada's motoring and travelling public.

CAA South Central Ontario exists to enrich the quality of life of our Members by providing peace of mind, fulfillment and value through automotive, travel, insurance and associated products and services

• Number of CAA SCO Members: 1.9 million

• Number of CAA SCO employees: 1,338

• Roadside Assistance calls answered: 1,027,096

• Number of Home Insurance policies underwritten by CAA SCO: 53,312

• Number of Auto Insurance policies underwritten by CAA SCO: 80,402

• Number of Travel Insurance policies underwritten by CAA SCO: 139,426

Scope of project

CAA SCO undertook the task of refreshing its entire printing and imaging fleet.  The current fleet was composed of 171 devices, from 2 manufacturers, with over 29 different models to manage.  The challenges that CAASCO faced were:


  • High rate of equipment failure (contributing to excessive downtime)
  • Complexity in managing the current fleet
  • Escalating print volume (especially in colour)
  • Requirement to commit to green initiatives
  • Escalating capital and operating costs


CAASCO invited several manufacturers to propose a solution to these challenges.  In the end, they chose HP and their managed print specialist partner Infolaser Canada.  Together, they built a solution that would enable CAASCO to attain the following three goals:

1.      Increase user experience & productivity

2.      Generate sustainability savings

3.      Reduce overall costs


HP & Infolaser Canada helped CAASCO attain the goals by implementing some of the best business practices in managed print services. 

Goal #1 – Increase user experience and productivity

CAASCO staffs were experiencing a high rate of failure and downtime on their current printer & copier fleet.  Also, due to the high number of different models to manage and support, this was an added burden for the helpdesk and infrastructure team. This translated to increased time required to manage drivers, firmware updates, etc.

HP & Infolaser Solution

1.       Choose the most reliable technology

By choosing HP as the technology platform for this fleet refreshment, CAASCO was choosing the most reliable manufacturer on the market.  HP printers and MFP’s use laser printer based engines, and compared to copier engines, they deliver a much lower failure rate.  Every time you change a toner cartridge, you are changing up to 75% of the print engine.

HP printing and imaging devices also offer an open technology platform.  This translates to simplified device management (WebJetadmin fleet management software, Universal Print Driver or UPD) and easy access platform to integrate productivity software solutions such as pull printing, mobile printing and workflow solutions (HP Futuresmart & Open Extensibility Platform or OXP).

2.       Choose the right managed print service provider

By choosing InfoLaser Canada as their MPS provider, CAASCO was partnering with one of the best service providers in the Canadian market.  InfoLaser is an HP DSS partner (Document Solutions Specialist and one of the top tier HP partners in North America that implement & deploy innovative HP printing & imaging productivity software solutions.

InfoLaser also provides a service approach that is unique in the industry.  By focusing on prevention, InfoLaser is able to reduce print related help desk calls by up to 80% and repair calls by 50%.  They are also able to guarantee uptime on a fleet of devices.  In the case of CAASCO, InfoLaser committed to a guaranteed uptime over 99%.


  • According to survey of users and help desk staff, device failure has fallen dramatically and fleet management has been greatly simplified.
  • In the 2nd quarter of use, InfoLaser (with HP technology) delivered an uptime over 99%.


Goal #2 – Generate Sustainability Savings

What Green Means at CAA South Central Ontario



CAA SCO is taking steps to reduce their environmental footprint by   actively challenging environmental issues in their workplace and beyond, and being more conscientious about operating responsibly. Every day they move   towards a more sustainable business model by promoting innovative   alternatives to running their business in an environmentally conscious   manner.




HP & Infolaser Solution

1.       Use more energy efficient devices

Before the fleet refresh, CAASCO had a printer & copier fleet that used older photocopier engine technology.  These devices on average used 15 to 50% more energy than their HP equivalents.

2.        Reduce the amount of wasted copies (paper)

HP & InfoLaser offered several solutions to assist CAASCO to reduce the amount of wasted copies often left at the printer or copier.  They implemented a secure pull printing solution (HPAC) with users using their proximity card readers to authenticate and pull their print jobs.  The objective is to save at least 10% of the print volume in the administrative locations.

3.       Reduce electronic waste

By using more A4 format devices versus larger A3 devices, by choosing HP technology that is more reliable and that can be used for more than 5 years and by recycling their toner cartridges using InfoLaser’s MPS solution, CAASCO has greatly reduced their carbon footprint and saved many metric tons of e-waste from reaching out landfills.


  • HP & InfoLaser helped CAASCO save approximately 137,926 kWh annually in electricity usage (using more efficient devices and optimizing fleet) and $15K on electricity costs.  This is equal to saving the annual gas emissions of more than 20 passenger vehicles.
  • HP & InfoLaser with the HPAC Pull printing solution has reduced amount of pages printed by almost 100,000 pages per quarter at the 3 administrative locations.  This is equal to about 400,000 pages annually.  1 tree is equal to 8334 pages.  So CAA is on pace to save 48 trees this year!
  • In the first 6 months of the InfoLaser MPS solution, CAASCO has recycled more than 703 KG of e-waste.

Goal #3 – Reduce Overall Cost

CAASCO was looking to reduce their capital and operating expenses related to print.  They also wanted to find a way to reduce the escalating volume of colour prints and to reduce wasted copies.

HP & Infolaser Solution

1.       Refresh 11x17 copier fleet with A4 devices

Before the fleet refresh, CAASCO had a fleet of 69 11x17 format copier devices.  After the refresh, HP & InfoLaser reduced the amount of 11x17 devices to 11.  In general, A4 format devices have a capital cost 30-50% less than an equivalent 11x17 device.  HP & InfoLaser were also able to optimize the fleet deployment in the 3 administrative locations and reduce the amount of units (22 devices not replaced).

2.       Reduce Colour copies

HP & InfoLaser offered several solutions to assist CAASCO to control & reduce the amount of copies, especially in colour.  They implemented a secure pull printing solution (HPAC) with users using their proximity card readers to authenticate and pull their print jobs.  The objective is to save at least 10% of the print volume in the 3 administrative locations.  The HP technology platform as includes the Colour Access Control feature in the Universal Print Driver (UPD).  This permits the customer to implement rules on colour printing from specific applications and limit colour usage by user or group.


  • Compared to the previous fleet, the HP & InfoLaser solution has saved CAASCO over 40% over their previous capital & operating costs.
  • After 2 quarters of use of the HPAC solution, the amount of copies has been reduced by close to 100,000 copies per quarter.

In conclusion

HP & InfoLaser would like to thank all management, IT staff, project managers, store managers and users at CAA SCO that contributed to the success of this project.  Their input and support were invaluable in being able to attain the objectives set forth.


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